How to make Japanese temari

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Finger Guard - how to make one for fly fishing

Blog - I'm not adding to the blog at present, but you'll find lots of instruction and inspiration

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How to make the temari ball
How to make a teenie (very small!) temari ball
Start stitching
End stitching
Wrap an obi
Mark a simple 8 division (with video)
Stitch a 5-point star
Make a hanger
Use a v-ruler
Kiku herringbone stitching
The Language of Temari
How to use the circumference rulers to mark a combination 10 division
Miyako thread from Japan
How temari shapes intersect

Free Temari Patterns

Red Hot Star TemariChristmas RibbonsGreen Orchid


Temari glossary and stitch directory (Interactive)
Temari Workbook of Diagrams and Markings
Temari glossary to download (pdf)
Books from Japan
Download a guide to Japanese Temari Books
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Watch and learn - visit Barb's YouTube channel


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