Japanese Temari Books Published in Japan - Reviews

Have you ever wanted to purchase a temari book from Japan but don't know where to start? Click on these links to find review that might help in your decision. These books are often offered on Ebay (search for temari books). You can also order them directly from Japan from Ai's Store. Be sure to send Ai an email before ordering to make sure the book is available. Some are out of print or hard to obtain. And tell her Barb sent you! You can sometimes find these books at Kinokuniya Bookstores in several US cities, Lacis, and Hard to Find Needlework Books.

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This guide was last updated on June 22, 2017.

azuma temari book
Azuma Temari
beautiful temari book
Beautiful Temari

Beginning Temari
color coordinated temari book
Color Coordinated

colorful flower temari book
Flower Temari

cosmo 1
Cosmo 1

cosmo 2
Cosmo 2

cosmo 3
Cosmo 3
cosmo 4
Cosmo 4

cosmo 5
Cosmo 5

cosmo 6
Cosmo 6

cosmo 7
Cosmo 7

Creative Temari
Creative Temari
dream in temari one
Dream in
Temari One
dream in temari two
Dream in
Temari Two

dream in temari three
Dream in
Temari Three

Dream in Temari Four

Dream Temari
Dream Temari
Classic Modern

echiro temari book
Echiro Temari

edo temari book
Edo Temari

elegant temari book
Elegant Temari

flower temari for beginners
Flower Temari, Beginners

Kaga Hana
Flower Temari
from Kyoto

folk craft temari
HomeTown (Folk Craft)

Fun with Temari
Fun with
gotenmari book
handcraft series book
Hand Craft
hand craft series book
Hand Craft Series#30

hanging temari
Hanging Temari

hanging temari book
Hanging Temari


Harmony 2

Harmony 3

hometown temari book
Hometown Temari

japanese temari book
Japanese Temari

kii temari book
Kii Temari
lovely temari book
Lovely Temari

Many Faces Temari
Musashino Temari
my temari
My Temari

New Life 7
owari temari book
Owari Temari

postcard temari book
Postcard Book

professors temari

recollections of temari book
Reminiscence of Temari

sanuki temari
Sanuki Temari

Sanuki Temari 2
shinshu temari book
Shinshu Temari
Temari Children's Series
Children's Series
temari for four seasons book volume 1
Temari for 4 Seasons
Vol 1

temari for four seasons book volume 2
Temari for 4 Seasons
Vol 2

temari for 12 months, volume 1
Temari for
12 Months, Vol 1
temari for 12 months, volume 2
Temari for
12 Months,
Vol 2

temari from different parts of japan book
Temari from Different
of Japan

Temari Geometric Shapes
Temari Like Jewelry
thimble ring and flower temari book
Thimble Ring
Volume 1

Thimble Ring Flower
Volume 2
Thimble Ring
Volume 3

traditional temari book

Workbook from the JTA
Workbook from JTA

Introduction to Temari


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