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First of all, THANK YOU to you for spending time visiting my website. I am honored to have visitors from all over the world who are developing an interest in the craft of temari and are browsing through the information gathered here.

 I have been making temari for about thirteen years now. It's fascinating to spend time figuring out temari designs and it is the contact with other artistic souls which adds the spark needed to keep going creatively. If not for the internet and a couple of great web sites, I would not have continued making Japanese temari. So I'd like to say thanks here.

Thanks especially to Kathy Hewitt, the late Judy Shorten, Debi Abolt, Joan Zakkas, Glenna Kipp, TemariChallenge, and to other stitching groups and friends I've made personally or on the 'net. I have been inspired by the beautiful diagrams of Judith Baker Montano in her book Elegant Stitches and the clear instructions and lovely photographs of Sharon Boggan of PinTangle. Another fiber artist and embroiderer that I have always admired is Erica Wilson. Mostly, I learned temari (and continue to learn) from the books published on this subject in Japan. Even though I can't read the words, I find their diagrams and drawings so complete that I can understand the design. They challenge me to make my own diagrams just as informative, even without the accompanying text.

Thanks to my students because every time I teach, I also learn from their questions and their experiences. Most of all, thanks to the folk artists in Japan who have loved these little creations so much through the centuries.It is an honor to play a part in passing on temari skills to future stitchers.

Now for the legal stuff:


No part of this web site may be published, reproduced, stored in, or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (including electronic, mechanical, photocopy) whatsoever without written permission from Barbara B. Suess. The one exception - you may make one copy of each page for your own personal use, not for sale to others or for use in classes. This website is protected under copyright.

This means no republishing my photographs or diagrams or patterns anywhere without my permission. This includes "pinning" on the Pinterest website. If you ask me, I'll often say "yes" so please do ask.

All material on this web site is original content unless cited elsewhere. The history of temari was researched in the Japanese temari books located on the Resources page.

Privacy Statement

Information collected from you, such as your email address in the forms, will not be shared with anyone else at all. It will only be used to notify you of future patterns or book releases and other news from Kiku Designs. Please do not submit a form if you are under the age of 14. See C.O.P.P.A.

A stat counter is sometimes used to identify the country of origin of visitors and their type of operating system.  Any information collected is only for the benefit of improving the quality of this web site and will not be shared with any other business.


Every effort has been made to provide accurate instructions for making temari. Japanese Temari, Kiku Designs, will not be held responsible for any losses due to any inaccuracies in pattern instructions.

Barbara B. Suess
Updated November, 2016



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