How to wrap an obi on a Japanese temari ball 

How to wrap an obi on a temari

This technique is called wrapping bands around the obi. When you wrap one band of threads around the equator, temari stitchers call it an obi. Here is a link to a video on making interlocking wrapped bands on a simple division temari and here is a link to making interlocking wrapped bands on a combination 10 division temari.

In Japan, an obi is the sash wrapped around the waist, outside the kimono. Obi are not only functional in keeping the kimono closed, but they are decorative and can be very valuable. In the craft of temari, an obi is a band of threads or strip of fabric wrapped around the equator. Simple division temari are ones that have a design on the north pole and a design on the south pole. Quite often, an obi is wrapped on the equator between the two designs. If you have already made a temari with bands of thread wrapped around the guidelines, this is the same technique.

Step 1

To make an obi, thread a needle and knot the end of the thread. Stitch underground an inch or two and come up next to an intersection of the equator and the guideline.

Obi, step 1

Step 2

Wrap around the ball next to equator. Then stitch underground to the other side of the equator.

obi, step 2

Step 3

Wrap around the equator the same number of times you wrapped on the other side. Then go down near the guideline intersection and stitch underground an inch or two. Come up and cut thread close to surface of the ball.

obi, step 3

Step 4

This obi has 2 wraps of red thread on each side of the equator. You will always see the starts and stops so don't stress about them!
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obi, step 4

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