Green Orchid  

Green Orchid Temari

Make sure your ball is perfectly round and marked precisely in a combination 8 division. It's called an 'all-over' design because when you are finished, the stitching will entirely cover the ball. Stitch triangles, squares and tri-wings in layers. There is no weaving involved.


25 cm circumference ball wrapped in red thread

Anchor perle Cotton #5:

Step 1

Mark the ball in a combination 8 division. Japanese Temari: A Colorful Spin on an Ancient Craft. Use a thin gold metallic thread for marking. It will all be covered up at the end except for a tiny bit showing in the center of each flower.

Green Orchid, Step 1

Step 2

Place guide pins at the mid-points of the long lines on a 6-part triangle. Stitch a triangle around the pins using Anchor 131 (3 rows).

Green Orchid, Step 2

Step 3

With the same thread, stitch blue triangles (3 rows) in each 6-part triangle on the ball. There are 8 of them.

Green Orchid, step 3

Step 4

With Anchor 254, stitch a square (3 rows) with the points of the square just inside the corners of the triangles. Connect all triangle points to end up with 6 squares around the ball.

Green Orchid, Step 4

Step 5

With Anchor 130, stitch a tri-wing centered in each 6-part triangle. The inside stitches are placed near the center and the outside stitches placed just outside the 6-part triangle. Stitch 3 rows. Interlock long points with the other trefoils.

Green Orchid, Step 5

The first round is complete. The tri-wing stitching is complete and you will not add rows to your trefoils in the following rounds.

Step 6

Now, it's time to start on the second round. Stitch 3 more rows on all blue triangles.  Do not weave under any threads already on the ball. Just lay them right across in layers. Then stitch 3 more rows on all green squares. Do not weave.

Green Orchid, step 6

Step 7

Continue by stitching 3 rows around the triangles and then 3 rows the around squares. End the stitching when the points of the squares reach the trefoil design.

Green Orchid, Step 7

Step 8

Wrap 2 rows green in the center of the empty space. This space looks like a simple 4 division. Then wrap 3 rows red on either side of green wraps.

Green Orchid

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