Easy Christmas temari pattern
"Christmas Ribbons" 

Christmas Ribbons


Step 1

Use a scrap thread of any color to mark the ball in a simple 8-division. See Japanese Temari: A Colorful Spin on an Ancient Craft.

Christmas Ribbons, step 1

Step 2

Cut a piece of gold ribbon about 1/2 inch longer than the distance around the ball. Pin one end to the equator.

Christmas Ribbons, step 2

Step 3

Overlap at the equator and pin in place. If you have extra ribbon, trim it short. This area will be covered with a ribbon later.

Christmas Ribbons, step 3

Step 4

Wrap gold ribbon over each of the vertical guidelines on the ball. Pin them in place at equator.

Christmas Ribbons, step 4

Step 5

Pin the Christmas ribbon to the equator and wrap it over the ends of all the other ribbons.

Christmas Ribbons, step 5

Step 6

Overlap and pin the end of the Christmas ribbon. If the edge is a little ragged you can tuck under the edge before pinning.

Christmas Ribbons, step 6

Step 7

Thread a needle with green metallic yarn and come up near the Christmas ribbon at the equator. Wrap around ball next to gold ribbon. Stitch under the gold ribbon and wrap around the other side. Wrap green metallic yarn on both sides of all the gold ribbons.

Christmas Ribbons, step 7

Step 8

Then stitch a cross stitch over the intersection of gold and Christmas ribbons at the equator.

Christmas Ribbons, step 8

Step 9

Stitch a starburst of straight stitches pointing out from the poles. Note that the starburst is also called a pine needle stitch.

Christmas Ribbons, step 9

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