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Color Coordinated Temari; Seasonal Events (Irodori no Temari - Saijiki)
by Toshiko Ozaki

Color Coordinated TemariISBN 9784837701104. 88 pages. Copyright 2010. Published by Macaw. 1500 yen.

The release of this book by the Japan Temari Association brought great excitement to our small JTA temari study group. The three of us had worked for many months to create new temari designs for our Level 3 certification judging in 2009.  We each prepared eight new temari designs and sent them to Japan along with three of our actual temari balls. In July, 2009, the news came that we all passed. Debi Abolt, Kathy Hewitt, and I along with our translator and mentor, were thrilled! A year later, JTA added icing to our cake. They included our temari in their book. None of us had any idea this would happen.

The inclusion of our designs in a JTA book made the entire process seem even more worthwhile.  Knowing that our designs were shared with other stitchers in the association is a wonderful, satisfying feeling. To be able to contribute to the JTA group who has given us so much is  the best way that we can say "thank you." And it's a huge honor to be listed among the contributors. Many thanks to our mentor who advised us through the process and presented translated versions of our patterns to the judges.

The book is divided into two sections, the first presenting temari that represent seasonal events and the second focusing on color (also arranged by themes like embroidered temari, kiku design temari, use of diamonds, triangles, etc). There are two pages filled with intricate crane designs, one page dedicated to stars and constellations, and other pages include samurai, Imperial court members, bunnies, children, and even a bride and groom in Western dress. Our temari are included in the second section that is dedicated to color combinations. The temari here are intricate designs, mostly combination divisions or multicenters.

Our temari:

Cover: Kathy's Bold Harmony is the small red, white and black one.

Page 26: Shows the use of vivid colors (#1, #2) vs. cool colors ( #3, #4)
#1 - Debi's - Snowflake Stars (advanced)
#2 - Kathy's First Snow (advanced)
#3 - Debi's Field of Flowers (no how-to, mostly advanced)

Page 27:  Shows the use of vivid colors (#5) vs. cool colors (#6)
#5 - Barb's Quilt Temari (intermediate)
#6 Kathy's Bold Harmony (intermediate)

Page 28: Special Motifs
#2 - Barb's Kiku and Fans (advanced)

Page 29: Special Motifs
#6 - Debi's Clione (Sea Angel) (intermediate)
#7 - Kathy's Navaho Sun and Moon (advanced)
#8 - Barb's Goldfish (no how-to)


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