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Temari Techniques,
A Visual Guide to Making Japanese Embroidered Thread Balls

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From simple to sophistciated, temari balls have delighted generations of Japanese artisans. Now it is your turn to experience this unique craft, continuing a tradition that started hundreds of years ago in the Imperial court of Japan. Originally crafted from the same silk threads woven into elegant kimono, temari were made as pretty playthings. Over time, they became an art form in miniature - lovely representations of centuries-old patterns embTemari Techniques, new bookroidered onto perfectly round handballs.

Temari Techniques offers all you need to make beautiful Japanese temari balls. You'll start by learning how to make a smooth, round base and add the guidelines around which you will shape your design. With hundreds of step-by-step drawings to guide you, you'll soon master stitching and embroidery techniques. Next, you'll learn how to layer threads to create pattern, color, and texture. Soon you will be creating dazzling designs where the threads overlap and interlock in amazingly intricate ways. Scattered throughout the book are dozens of patterns which you can duplicate and use to refine your skills.

Great for beginners, with new challenges for intermediate temari stitchers, Temari Techniques will inspire you to create your own miniature works of art!

208 pages. ISBN 978-1-933308-32-6. $29.95 .


















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