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1. How long does each course last?

However long you want! I'm now working with students of temari on an individual basis. I used to run these classes in an online group and give out one lesson per month. So you can expect it to take you six months to complete each course.

Now, I have each part of the course available for purhase on a flash drive. You can transfer the text to your computer and work on each lesson at your own pace. Video links will take you to YouTube where you can watch me making the same temari. Six lessons make up each course. The lesson will have a reading and stitching assignment from Barb's book Temari Techniques and there will be patterns from books published in Japan by JTA authors to give you more experience with the technique of the lesson. When you need help or want feedback, contact me directly through email.

2. When and how do I sign up?

Another year of courses is now available on flash drives. Click on the Etsy link under the course you picl and purchase the class through Etsy. I will respond by sending you a flash drive that includes the six lessons for that part of the course. Please be aware that lessons are progressive. You will need to start with the first lesson of the course. Each course builds upon the previous one. If you are an experienced temari maker, you are welcome to take whichever course appeals to you. Yes, you can take both levels at the same time if you are an avid stitcher! I'm always happy to combine shipping when you order multiple items.

3. Is there a kit supplied with the course?

No. The required text for these courses is the book Temari Techniques. The first lesson will include a discussion of supplies and students are encouraged to use what they have on hand when they begin.

The first lesson is all about supplies, where to get them and how to make the ball. It's covered in my book Temari Technique and I will add more information about this topic in the class text. There is no need to get a head start on purchasing supplies. I would estimate the cost of materials to be around $15 to $20.

The Temari Workbook and Temari Glossary are free downloads.

4. What are Barb's qualifications?

You can call her Coach Barb for these courses! You'll get plenty of feedback on your stitching and ideas on how to challenge yourself with each technique in the course.

Barb has a bio on this website. She has been teaching temari for 16 years now and her love of the art and sharing it with students has not dimmed!

5. Do students have to join the JTA and go through the certification judging?

No. Only if they choose! Most students take these courses to learn and expand their temari making skills without joining. Those who want an extra challenge and those who want to become certified teachers will have the opportunity to join the JTA and apply for certification. When you decide you want to apply for certification, send Barb an email to let her know. There are extra costs payable to JTA involved in joining and applying for certification. Barb does not charge an extra fee to her students. See the bottom of Membership and Certification page for costs.

6. I'm an experienced temari stitcher. Which course should I take?

Look at the techniques taught in each course. Remember that I will be teaching new patterns from the JTA temari books for each technique. If you are not sure which course to take, send me an email. I'll be happy to help.

FAQs about the Japan Temari Association

1. What is the Japan Temari Association (JTA)?

JTA is an organization of temari makers that was founded in 1979 with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. You can read more about their purpose here.

2. Who can join?

Anyone! If you are living in Japan and studying with a JTA certified teacher, you will have the opportunity to join through your teacher. A few years ago, international students were invited to join and participate in the certification process through a liason with Ai M. from Kobe, Japan. She now leads a growing international membership and is head of the JTA Chidori group for international temari makers. Ai works with Level 3 and Level 4 members. They in turn work with Level 1 and Level 2 and then pass certification work of their students to Ai for translation and sending to the certification judges.

3. Why join the JTA?

Most people join because they want to learn everything about temari they can. They care about the art and want to support the organization promoting and preserving it. The certification process is a learning experience in itself. It takes a self-motivated, talented stitcher to gain the skills necessary to pass the different levels of certification. Who better to learn from than the JTA?

4. What time of year do memberships start?

Memberships run from April 1 - March 31 of each year.

5. How much are the dues?

Costs are outlined on the bottom of the membership and certification page on this website.

6. What is the timeline for the certification process?

Courses for learning temari run year round. Judging for certification takes place in June of each year. Generally, students begin thinking about certification the year before they apply and seriously settle down to the work in January of that year. All work is due to Barb by April 15. It takes some time for review of the work before it is sent to the judges - thus the early deadline.

7. Who is the JTA contact working with international members?

Ai M., Shibu-cho and head of the JTA Chidori Temari Group

Her website page with JTA information

Her shop website

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JTA Membership and Certification

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