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News! I have just placed an order for more V rulers. There have been so many requests that I decided to have some more made and to sell them wholesale. Estimated delivery to me is six weeks from now (May 9, 2019). I'm not sure of the pricing details yet. If you would like to make a wholesale purchase of 50 or more rulers, please send an email to me and I'll add you to my list -

Send your name and address and I'll be able to calculate postage and invoice you when the rulers arrive.


For many years, we’ve used a handy ruler supplied by the Japan Temari Association for measuring and marking our temari. Our JTA contact recently let us know that they will no longer produce and sell their v-ruler. Many of us temari makers have become very attached to our little v-rulers! So I decided to order a batch to be made and now they are ready for sale.

The “new and improved” v-ruler has numbers printed along each side to mark the centimeters. Each centimeter is also marked by a bold line so it’s easy to see. Shorter and slightly finer lines mark millimeters.

I think one of the best things about the new v-ruler is that while it is still very flexible to bend along the curve of the ball, it will not snap like the old ones from Japan. You can twist it, bend it, and tug the legs apart – it will not break, only bend! The finish is matte, not shiny, making the marks and numbers easy to read.

Each v-ruler comes with a card. Side 1 has a chart to use when marking a combination 10 division. Reference this chart to figure out the C10 “magic” number needed to place your guide pins on the ball. Side 2 has basic instructions for use (see bottom of this page).


Side 2 of v-ruler reference card:

“The v-ruler is marked in the metric system. The numbered lines mark the centimeters, with smaller millimeter marks in between. Note that almost all temari directions use the metric system. Dividing inches into 10, 12, or more parts requires too much work!

To use the v-ruler to place guide pins for stitching a design, hook the inside part of the “V” around a pin and measure down. Many times instructions will say something like “begin stitching 2 cm out from the north pole on every division line.” In this case, it’s easiest to hook the v-ruler around the north pole pin and quickly measure 2 cm on each guideline to place pins.

The v-ruler is also handy for marking a combination 10 division. The v-ruler's angle of 72 degrees is perfect for this taskHook the v-ruler around the first of the 12 guide pins on a C10 division, then place the next two by measuring out to the “magic number” point on each leg of the “V”. Hook the ruler on one of these pins and repeat until you have 12 evenly placed pins. See the front of the card to determine your C10 magic number.”


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