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New C10 Circumference Ruler for Marking Temari

Temari stitching has been around for so long, you'd think there would never be any new tools or techniques. So I was surprised to get the email from our contact at Tentemari (Ai) that she has new rulers that can be used to mark a combination 10 division!

I have written detailed instructions on how to use the new ruler which you can find with this link. Please download a copy for your use.

Click on this photo to see a larger image.

These are flexible with sticky backs and are designed to be used with the marking method for the C10 that begins with the simple 4 division. You put your S4 pins in place, line up the ruler, stick it to the ball, and put your C10 pins in place. Then you can use your favorite method for wrapping the C10 guidelines. Also included with each circumference ruler is a centimeter ruler the same length.

You can purchase these rulers from Ai in Japan
















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