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Temari for Twelve Months, Volume 2 (Zoku Temari Juni Kagetsu) by Chiyoko Ozaki

4-8377-0591-X . 154 pages. Published in May, 1991 by Maccaw. Small, square format book.

Like Volume 1, this seems to be a vintage temari book. The color schemes and displays of temari around the home are quaint and typically Japanese. Designs are simple divisions, C8’s and C10’s.

The most unique thing about this book is the stitching path shown on page 70 for a C10. After the ball is marked with 10 vertical guidelines and the C10 pins are in place, the photographs show a zigzag stitching path around the equator. The next step is to stitch 5-point stars around each pole. Different!

Temari for Twelve Months, Vol 2

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