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One Stroke Brush C10

“One Stroke” (hito hude gake) means to draw a Japanese kanji character with one stroke from beginning to end without lifting your pen. This is a very fun design to stitch, beginning at the north pole (the solid blue star), continuously stitching in blue until you reach the south pole (solid green star), then turn the ball around and stitch your way back to the north pole with green. It’s a fascinating puzzle of a temari, all done in a continuous stroke of the needle!

This 2 2/4 inch diameter Japanese temari is wrapped in white thread, marked with metallic silver, and stitched with shades of blue and green pearl cotton. The core is made in the traditional way from rice hulls filling a nylon. A thick wrap of baby yarn and sewing thread around the core make a perfect surface for stitching. I divided the ball into sections with silver metallic thread before beginning the embroidery.

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