Multicenters temari

MulitsThese intricately marked temari are also called multipole or just multis. Begin with a temari marked in a combination division and add support lines to make the smaller sections. Support lines are just extra guidelines stitched to the ball.

The most common multis are based on a C10(combination 10 division). You use either the side of the 6-part triangle (triangle based) or the side of the 4-part diamond (diamond based) to add support lines.

C10 triangle based multicenters temari


Triangle Based Multis

Find the 6-part triangle on a combination 10 division temari.

triangle based

Measure one of the sides and divide into sections.

Divide triangle side by: # centers total
3 32
6 122
9 272
12 482

After placing pins in the sides of all the triangles, stitch the support lines.


Diamond Based Multis

Find the 4-part diamond on the temari.

diamond based

Measure one of the sides and divide into sections.

Divide diamond side by: # centers total
2 42
3 92
4 162
5 252

After placing pins in the sides of all the diamonds, stitch the support lines.


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