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Uwagake chidori kagari

In this unique version of a herringbone, you stitch under and around all previous rows. This technique is seen on the inside points of this simple 16 division temari:

kiku herringbone stitchingkiku herringbone diagram

Reverse kiku herringbone (sakasa uwagake chidori kagari)

Work from the outside of the design towards the center to create this topsy turvy motif. You place the "under and around" portion of the herringbone at the outside points.

reverse kiku herringbone diagram

Ribbed kiku herringbone (sujidagiku kagari)

The inside points are stitched a bit differently. Instead of stitching under and around ALL previous rows, stitch under and around only a selected number. In the photo below, you stitch under and around only one row. There are other variations of the same technique.


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