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How do they work?

Registration, kits & refunds doll with temari

Registration occurs over a 1 or 2 month period. Payment is through Paypal or personal check to Barbara B. Suess. Checks must clear before the deadline date to sign up so please send them early. Kits will be assembled for each class. Items in the kit will be valued at the regular retail price. Class fee includes shipping. Please choose the correct location when you sign up.

Refunds: Kit fees will not be refunded once the threads have been ordered. This happens on the deadline date to sign up for the class. Kits will be mailed to student by US mail. Class fees can be refunded when the class is canceled before the start date. Instructions are uploaded as a pdf to the Yahoo group. Kit fees do not include a hard copy of the instructions, only the supplies necessary to complete the project. You must be able to download the pdf. You can print out a hard copy for working.


Classes will run for several weeks, depending on the complexity of the temari pattern. Students will be invited to join a Yahoo group. The group will be set up just for the class by the Shining Needle Society so you must join their homeroom group to receive notice. Lessons will be released once a week to the files section of the class group. While the class is running, students and teacher can post to the group. This is your way to ask questions, post photos, and get feedback on your work from teacher and from fellow students. You must join the group to download your pattern and to follow along.

Because classes are held online, students must be computer savvy. They must be able to join a Yahoo group to participate in the class and they must be able to use Adobe Acrobat (free online) to download and save the patterns. That said, we are here to help!


Patterns include lots of photos of work in-progress as well as top-quality professional diagrams. Terminology is the same as used by the Japan Temari Association in Tokyo. All classes are original designs by the teacher and you won't find them anywhere else.


All files and class discussions are copyrighted so there is no sharing with non-paying students. Students are not permitted to distribute, copy, or share them in any format for any reason. You can print one copy for your own personal use.





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How do online temari classes work?

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