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Miyako -Temari Thread from Tentemari 

"Miyako" thread is the replacement for Kyo from Ai's temari shop in Japan. It is packaged especially for the JTA by the company and can be purchased individually on cards or in a wonderful full set in a box:

ChiyoTemari Box

I find the information below on Kyo to be about the same for Miyako except that there is a much greater range of colors in the Miyako set.

Kyo-Temari thread is a twisted cord thread with a softer, more fluid drape and feel that pearl cotton. It falls between pearl cotton 5 and pearl cotton 8 in size. The thread fiber is 100% cupro (see below) which means it has a deep color presentation and a wonderful luster in comparison to cotton. There are also metallic variations with color options not found in other brands.

Kyo-Temari thread is the same thread shown in many Japanese temari books. It is hard to show exact colors on the computer so if you have Japanese books, it is better to use the color numbers from those or to use the color charts in the backs of the books to choose colors.

Stitching with Kyo can be a challenge for beginning temari makers because of the slippery nature of the thread. Experienced stitchers love the rich colors and sheen and have found that it helps to use the thread doubled in the needle and stitch designs with shorter spans on the ball.

Each card holds 50 meters (54.7 yards) of thread. Compare this to a skein of DMC pearl 5 cotton that has 25 yards.

Cupro – a cellulose fiber made from recovered cotton waste

a: A regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned) that has been dissolved in a solution of ammonia and copper oxide.
b: It is similar to rayon, but breathes and regulates body temperature like cotton.
c: Often used as a silk substitute, cupro is noted for its ability to create beautifully draped clothing, except it can be machine-washed and -dried.
d: A European relative of Tencel, cupro is a hypoallergenic, antistatic fabric that is resistant to stretching out of shape at higher temperatures.

From Trish Harris,
" I was interested in comparing some threads for Temari, so I did what weavers do, use a ruler and wrap thread. Weavers use wraps per inch or WPI, to determine weaving widths. Applying the concept to Temari, I used wraps per centimeter.

WPC. From left to right in the photo, I wrapped KYO, 8/2 Tencel weaving thread, DMC5, and DMC 8. As said, the KYO falls in between the DMC 5 and 8. It has more luster than the Tencel, but is close.
8/2 Tencel = 12WPC
DMC 5 = 8 WPC
DMC 8 = 14 WPC
This is not totally scientific, because there ate little grooves on the ruler., but it can be an overall good way to compare thread size."